Our Team

Mike LaRosa       Mike LaRosa

In 2012 Mike LaRosa successfully escaped corporate America and launched Wayfarer Advisory Group, offering consulting services for B2B sales & business development, marketing, sponsorship and event planning strategy. At the time, he viewed the name of his company figuratively: many of his clients had an idea or goal in mind but didn’t know quite how to get there. Turns out the joke was on him. 

By the summer of 2013, he’d become a wayfarer (quite literally) living on the road while working for clients such as Google, Smithsonian Enterprises and LivingSocial to name a few. With a distributed team and constant travel, he was always working out of noisy cafes or hotel lobbies in search for space to be productive. 

It was while working for a client in Kansas City, MO that he stumbled into a coworking space and became obsessed with this “new” way of working. Less than two months later he found himself booking a ticket to Barcelona to attend Coworking Europe 2013 where he drank the kool-aid and became a self-admitted Coworkaholic.

Since then, Mike has researched and studied all niches and aspects of the shared workspace industry, touring 500+ spaces in 22 countries and on five out of six continents. An international speaker on the topic, he’s also produced the 2014 Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) as well as the 2015 iterations of GCUC in the USA, Australia and Canada. In 2015 he was offered investment funding to launch Coworkaholic, his own brand, focused on space consulting and blogging on the industry.

Tiffanie Mark      Tiffanie Mark

After a short stint in corporate America Tiffanie quickly realized that world was not for her. Unable to stomach the idea of “checking your authentic self at the door,” and disheartening with the realization that many of her coworkers were not following their entrepreneurial dreams due to a range of perceived barriers to entry, she set out to create a solution.

In 2013, with no prior knowledge of the newly growing coworking industry, Tiffanie left her corporate position to found Matrix Collaborative Business Solutions (later to be renamed Matrix Coworking) Wisconsin’s first female owned and operated coworking space. She is an entrepreneur who embraces the art of balancing one’s eclectic talents and interests so it’s no surprise that her space was one of the first to include such amenities as music practice rooms, space for yoga groups, health and wellness rooms as well as classes for kids. Fascinated with organizational structure, social interaction, and the strength of collective minds Tiffanie is always looking to push the boundaries of “what’s next for coworking”.

In 2015 her natural knack for problem solving and one-on-one coaching evolved into a private consulting agency, specializing in communion strategy, personal perspective reflection, and speaker training. Founder of The Wisconsin Coworking Collective, and designer of the 3D Coworking Model, Tiffanie has consulted on numerous projects across the world. In her “spare time’” Tiffanie sits on the Board of Directors of the Forward Festival, Wisconsin’s largest technology and startup conference, and holds the license for TEDxMadison, an annual event she curates and co-produces.