/ˈaɡərə/ noun – [in ancient Greece] a public open space used as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities

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About Agora RDM

Agora RDM integrates real estate management practices with the principles of coworking to provide all-inclusive solutions for flex-use or shared work spaces, community builders, institutional developers and investment trusts alike.

Beyond offering consulting services to shared workspace owners and operators, Agora RDM uniquely specializes in developing non-traditional shared space concepts in addition to offering facility management services.

Believers in the discipline of “Space as a Service”  with focus on the client’s overarching business goals, Agora RDM works with organization’s existing resources such as amenities and shadow or underutilized space to create new revenue streams and/or grow the sales of existing products and services.

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