/ˈaɡərə/ noun – [in ancient Greece] a public open space used as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, social, and religious activities

About Agora RDM

Agora RDM integrates real estate management practices with the principles of coworking to provide all-inclusive solutions for flex-use or shared work spaces, community builders, institutional developers and investment trusts alike.

Beyond offering consulting services to shared workspace owners and operators, Agora RDM uniquely specializes in developing non-traditional shared space concepts in addition to offering facility management services.

Believers in the discipline of “Space as a Service”  with focus on the client’s overarching business goals, Agora RDM works with organization’s existing resources such as amenities and shadow or underutilized space to create new revenue streams and/or grow the sales of existing products and services.

Our Process

AgoraRDM’s unique value proposition lies within our 3D Process.


Co-Founder Tiffanie Mark puts it best: “Just because anybody can open a coworking space, doesn’t mean everybody should.” Coworking comes in a variety of shape, sizes and flavors. We at AgoraRDM believe that any business can benefit from integrating or implementing the coworking concepts that’s right for them.


Once the best coworking initiative, program or concept has been defined to meet your goals, it’s time to design. It’s not hard to do right; but it’s easy to do wrong. AgoraRDM works with your team hand in hand to ensure all the amenities, spacial designs and furniture choices are just right. We can and do work within budgets that range from IKEA to Steelcase.


Navigating the sea of coworking software platforms, payment gateways, integrations and automations can make you dizzy. And, we’ve worked with them all. AgoraRDM provides both a preferred suite of software packages as well as supporting customizable solutions.


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Projects & Clients

AgoraRDM has worked with clients around the world such as: Second City, TRYP by Wyndham Dubai, CBRE, Hubud and many others providing feasibility reports on potential new spaces; assessments and consulting on existing spaces; fully branded license models for real estate portfolios looking for Plug & Play options and management services on any of the above (including software management and printing solutions)

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